How iBeacon Drives In-App Purchases At Sports Games

We have been delighted to work with Leinster over the past number of months to deploy iBeacon technology in their home stadium. When we heard that Leinster Rugby were employing an all-new seat upgrade system in the Leinster Rugby mobile app in conjunction with an American mobile technology partner we were really excited to see how our app engagement platform could drive fan engagement. With iBeacon notifications the XtremePush platform could nudge users towards the upgrade section when users were in the stadium and drive in-app ticket purchases.

The new function in the Leinster App allows supporters that attend Leinster matches in the RDS Arena and Aviva Stadium to instantly upgrade their seat via the Leinster Rugby app. It servers two purposes, firstly it allows fans to RDS Leinster iBeacon Push Notificationget a better view of the match by upgrading to premium seats for as little as €20 per seat and secondly it allows Leinster Rugby to generate incremental revenue on seat upgrades during games.

From the perspective of using iBeacon notifications to drive fan engagement it has been a phenomenal response. Of the app users who received a location notification 19% actually went through to make a purchase on match day showing that location aware notifications driven greater engagement. Additionally on match days when iBeacon notifications have been used to promote seat upgrades it has been the most popular section of the application on that day.

Speaking about the new seat upgrade system, Leinster Rugby’s head of commercial and marketing, Paul Dermody said: “We’re delighted to have worked with XtremePush to launch this new feature for our supporters, which will further enhance the Leinster Rugby match day experience. Supporters can now upgrade their seat at the RDS or Aviva through the Leinster Rugby iOS and Android apps, whether they want to get a different perspective on the game, sit closer to some friends or just get some shelter from the rain, the option is now there for them on match day.”

Signing up to the seat upgrading is simple. Once you download the Leinster Rugby App and submit your details, you will then have the option at all Leinster Rugby home games going forward to upgrade your seat. There is no need to print out a new ticket; the process takes place through your mobile phone that must be displayed to a steward on match day to access your new seat.

If you’re interested in learning more about this feel free to contact one of our mobile engagement specialists through


Android Lollipop & Push Notifications

Screenshot 2014-12-02 17.18.26Android’s new OS update ‘Lollipop’ or Android L has made significant changes to how developers can deliver app notifications to their users. The display of notifications has changed greatly also with notifications now being able to awaken the lock screen of a device much like notification appear on Apple devices. Android have always been ahead of Apple is giving great control to how notifications can be displayed and how users can interact with them. Remember ‘interactive notifications‘ is iOS8? Android had that long before Apple. Once again in this latest update Android jumped ahead of Apple and given apps the ability to set the priority level of a notification based on the importance of the push notification. Apps can set “Push notification priorities” that dictate where their notifications are displayed relative to other apps’ push notifications. Priority can be set to “high” or “max” and can include an action button, along with “heads-up notifications” for interstitial calls to actions inside of any application.

If you have a push message for your users that is of significance and that all of your users needs to see right away then there is no better way to ensure they see it through this mechanism. These notifications can simply skip to the top of the notification drawer above lower priority messages. Google offers guidelines on how these should be used but presently there isn’t a clear incentive to “play nice” when sending out high priority messages – something that worries us. To keep your users on side it is important not to constantly jump the line as a user many notice, get annoyed and disable or even delete your app. Similarly or on the other end of the spectrum with the Lollipop release, Google has also included the ability to send push notifications to your users without interrupting their day.

On the priority scale push notifications can be selected to “minimum”. The user will receive the push notification but will be unaware of this as the message will be stashed in the user’s message drawer without an alert or icon on the notification bar, it simply waits for the user to stumble upon it at his or her convenience. These type of messages are ideal for re engagement campaigns and offers that aren’t time sensitive. Ultimately with Android’s introduction of minimum priority notifications mobile marketers do not have to broadcast lower urgency messages and risk causing unnecessary disruption to the user’s day and being classified as a spammer and worse written off altogether.

Ultimately Lollipop opens up a whole new world of functionality for push notifications. Lollipop should help extend the flexibility of push notifications and offer app marketers and developers additional ways to provide valuable content to their users.

Ourselves here at XtremePush are extremely excited to see Lollipop unfold into the Android mobile marketplace. If you too are excited about the new push notification and engagement possibilities open to Android users with this new update we would be happy to hear from you.