10 Awesome Mobile Infographics

Here at Xtremepush, we have gathered together Ten Awesome Mobile Infographics which show how mobile is changing the way we live, the industries influenced by mobile and how mobiles will soon outnumber people.

1. What you mean you’ve taken a picture using a camera?

infog 13

2. Its All In The Apps. 75% of mobile users are more likely to take action after seeing a location- specific advertising message

infog 21

3. Mobile phones will soon outnumber people

Infog 22

4.Land lines are being replaced by mobile devices

infog 13

5. Smartphones are used not only for squandering time but for actual learning

Infog 16

5. Meet The Connected Consumer  “in her shoes”

Infog 17

6. Mobile Technology has changed travel forever, 5% of apps in the Apple store are now travel apps

info 127. More people are reading emails on mobile devices

Infog 5

8. A new syndrome, Nomophobia “No mobile phone syndrome” has emerged

Infog 20

9. There appears to be a slight gender imbalance in terms of accessing smartphone devices

Infog 15

10. Shower twice a day, brush teeth three times a day, use my apps (wait I’ve lost count)

mob infog







































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